UAB Šlamas ir partneriai


c.n. 300578039
Kalnieciu g. 186-511,
Kaunas, Lietuva

UAB Slamas and partners is a young, but experienced architectural practice, based in Lithuania. We began working on landmark multi-storey residential, commercial and industry buildings nearly three years ago, but recently expanded to international, competition winning multi-functional mega projects, such as 340.000sq.m. residential, leisure and commercial development in Montenegro. We are also working on some remarkable projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and some residential development in Israel. We have a team of young and talented architects, interior and landscape designers, model makers, project managers. We have recently developed good working relations with UAB “Geodomas”, who’s amazing geodesic construction principles begin to take place in today’s concerns, such as ecology, green architecture, less and light materials. Together with UAB “Geodomas”, “Slamas and partners” would be delighted to take part in Your museum project, in Israel, as general architect for exterior, interior and landscape design, construction drawings, all the mechanical project parts, closely cooperating with Your local architects and engineers.