About us

Our Values

Providence - for every business, project or man we see the strategic value and potential, others do not see.

Drive - will foster a rapid decision and weighed the risks, which allows us to be flexible and to anticipate market developments always one step ahead.

LIABILITY - take responsibility for their obligations and aspirations of both partners before, both for workers and the public. We have an important responsibility and operational control at each step.

PROFESSIONALISM - always strive to complete the objectives, work more than others. Work is done precisely and with experts in every branch of business we achieve the results.


JSC "Universal business group in a vision to be the leading company in its field, to the development of long-term value for its customers, employees and shareholders.

Company mision

Be a reliable partner, whose knowledge, experience a unique, innovative and flexible approaches to the various needs of our customers. Responding to customer needs, to help better manage business processes to ensure employees, customers and shareholders of success. Our team is working to make our company services a challenge to market standards.


  • Always present powers to be professionals.
  • To provide high quality services.
  • Time to perform the work.
  • Proud of their work.